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Historic Structures On/Near Perimeter of Lehigh Cement Property Adjacent to New Windsor

The New Windsor Heritage Committee has taken an inventory of properties which it deems to be historically significant owing to construction date of a structure and/or activities that took place in an identified structure. As of January, 2008, buildings included in the inventory were standing and considered to be worthy of preservation. Structures are along Old New Windsor Road/Pike and New Windsor Road/ MD Route 31.

1323 Old New Windsor Road
The residence situated on 1.147 acres at the junction of Hawks Hill Road was constructed circa 1889. This area and the following Toll House property are historically areas of African-American settlement.

1324 Old New Windsor Road
The circa 1874 home that is at the crest of Old New Windsor ‘Pike’ at the junction of Hawks Hill Road, once served as the Toll House on the old Toll Road leading from New Windsor. The Toll House is referred to in the diary of Mary Toop, an African-American woman born in New Windsor, January 20, 1905.

1322 Old New Windsor Road
The four-square style home was constructed in 1914.

1326 Old New Windsor Road
The circa 1889 home situated on 0.256 acres and the adjacent .5 acres are significant areas, historically identified as sites of early and present-day African-American residence.

1705 Old New Windsor Road
The circa 1909 home on the proposed quarry rim is situated on 1 acre.

1912 Old New Windsor Road
The residence was constructed circa 1889.

1914 Old New Windsor Road
The circa 1871 home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is situated on 4 acres.

1916 Old New Windsor Road
This brick structure constructed in 1879, served as a one-room public schoolhouse. Park Hall School was attended by local scholars of the nineteenth century. The building has been converted into a residence which is located on the 21,780 sq. feet parcel.

2000 Old New Windsor Road
Constructed in 1879, the home is on 3.95 acres.

2014 Old New Windsor Road
The residence built circa 1874, is on 0.544 acres.

Junction of Old New Windsor Road and MD Route 31
This 19th century farmhouse is situated on 32.57 acres at the terminus of Old New Windsor Road.

Lehigh New Windsor quarry entrance off of MD Route 31
The circa 1920 farmhouse and outbuildings are located on Lehigh property.

Route 407, north of Sam’s Creek
Of historical and religious significance is the original site of the John Evans House – an important site in the establishment of American Methodism. The site is marked by a giant cross and a historical road marker along Route 407. The property is accessed by a farm lane off of Route 407.

2001 New Windsor Road/ MD Route 31
The farmhouse and historic barn were constructed circa 1845. Outbuildings are situated on the farm property.

1813 New Windsor Road
This residence was constructed circa 1845 and was used as a tenant house for the neighboring farm.

Wakefield Valley Road at New Windsor Road/MD Route 31
Strawbridge United Methodist Church dates to 1917. The church and burial ground are historically sites of African-American worship and burial and continue to serve in that capacity.

1416 New Windsor Road is situated adjacent to Lehigh property and is located on a diagonal from the present Strawbridge United Methodist Church. The structure is one of several in this area near the junction of Wakefield Valley Road that comprise a small enclave of historically significant African-American settlement and activity. The cornerstone on the building bears the date 1925. It was known as ‘White Oak Grove Hall’. The lower level was used as a school for African-American children. On Sundays, the lower level was used by a Black congregation. The upper level of the building was used as a lodge on Saturdays. The cornerstone bears the following inscription: I.O. of G.S. No. 39 and D. of S. No. 38 Built 1925.

1401 New Windsor Road
The house and farm buildings at the crest of the hill along Old New Windsor Road date to the mid-nineteenth century.

1318 New Windsor Road
The brick residence originally built for the family of Hiram Englar in 1886, is situated on 3.94 acres.

1316 New Windsor Road
The Nicodemus Mill property consists of 4.85 acres. The Andrew Nicodemus Mill was constructed in 1854. The miller’s home, which was constructed at the same time, is still standing.