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Lehigh Cement Company – Carroll County – On April 27, MDE received a penalty payment of $90,000 from the Lehigh Cement Company (Lehigh) as part of the Consent Decree signed between Lehigh and MDE to bring Lehigh’s Union Bridge facility into compliance. The Consent Decree requires Lehigh to pay the $90,000 penalty and make short-term and long-term improvements to the Union Bridge facility. The improvements include the curtailment of operations in the Facility’s craneway building, enclosure of the craneway building, paving of plant roads, installation of a truck wash and railcar vacuum system, and the installation of new cement processing equipment. The Consent Decree addresses federal air toxics violations, visible emission violations, and nuisance dust violations for the period covering early spring 2004 through December 2004. Status: Certain corrective actions still pending. (Reference # AQCP 042705)