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To protect and preserve the quality of life; to monitor quarrying in the area; to maintain and protect the environment, and to guard, perpetuate, and preserve the health and well-being of the citizens of New Windsor and Carroll County.

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For over 25 years, the New Windsor Community Action Project (NEWCAP) has been working to preserve your rights to a cleaner, safer environment by riding herd on those businesses which have the potential to negatively impact local residents. Originally started in 1987 as Project Water New Windsor, NEWCAP was more formally organized in the months following and adopted its existing bylaws in July of 1988. 

The following update was provided to NEWCAP by Frank Tedesco, Assistant Site Manager:

The Overland Conveyor and New Windsor quarry project is on schedule to be complete by yearend 2017.  The project has a great safety culture, led by the plant’s Andy Rigler, with good project results from the federal inspection agencies.  There is now more than 280,000 man-hours worked without a major safety incident.    

Lehigh was kind enough to give some NEWCAP members a tour of the conveyor.