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For over 25 years, the New Windsor Community Action Project (NEWCAP) has been working to preserve your rights to a cleaner, safer environment by riding herd on those businesses which have the potential to negatively impact local residents. Originally started in 1987 as Project Water New Windsor, NEWCAP was more formally organized in the months following and adopted its existing bylaws in July of 1988. 

Over the years, the primary focus of our attention has been on the mining activities of the Lehigh Heidelberg cement company and its plans for the quarry property it owns on the outskirts of New Windsor. Though the quarry itself is inevitable, NEWCAP has been instrumental in achieving an agreement between Lehigh and the Town of New Windsor to mitigate much of the more negative potential impact of this quarry. 

While we fully understand Lehigh's economic importance to our area, we are also very strongly committed to holding them to their environmental policy, which states: “Lehigh Cement Company recognizes its responsibilities toward the environment and its local community. Lehigh is committed to comply with all relevant environmental legislation at local, state and federal levels and to continually improve environmental performance through appropriate initiatives, controls, provisions or resources and training of its employees. The goal is to minimize adverse impacts on the environment due to their processes, activities, products and services.”